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Radco Industries Supplies Heat Transfer Fluids for
India’s Anantapur District Solar Power Plant

March 2015
Batavia, Illinois

Radco Industries, a global leader in the manufacture of high quality specialty fluids and lubricants for the military, industrial/energy and solar sectors, was selected to supply highly specialized heat transfer fluids for the 50 megawatt Anantapur District solar thermal power plant. Using concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, the plant is one of the first in south India and is part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, which has a goal of deploying 20,000 megawatts of grid connected solar power by 2022.

The plant uses innovative Parabolic Trough Technology that incorporates a series of reflective mirrors designed in the form of parabolic troughs with a thin pipe running along the focal point. Sun energy from the mirror surfaces is then directed to the thin pipes.

Radco Industries’ XCELTHERM® MK1 heat transfer fluid (HTF) runs through the pipes and absorbs the heat energy. The fluid gets heated to a temperature of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Upon pumping, the HTF reaches the heat exchanger, where the accumulated heat transfers to water running around the pipes. At these high heat conditions, water converts to steam, rotating the turbines and producing electricity.

“We’re proud to be a major key component supplier to India’s concentrated solar power initiative, and we are excited to continue to supply the highest quality heat transfer fluids to India’s future utility-scale CSP projects,” says Radco Industries’ CEO Michael Damiani.

The recently commissioned plant is one of two utility-scale CSP projects completed in India. At full capacity, the Anantapur District plant is expected to produce annually 110 million units of electricity.

About Radco Industries
Radco Industries specializes in the manufacture of high quality specialty fluids and lubricants developed for the military sector. The company’s two branded product lines, XCELTHERM® and RADCOLUBE®, fulfill a wide range of global military applications and heat transfer requirements. An engineering-based company, Radco also provides expert technical support and an array of valuable services based on industry knowledge spanning more than 40 years.


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