Xceltherm CLX System Cleaner

By Doug McKinney

The cleaning efficiency of XCELTHERM® CLX SYSTEM CLEANER is determined by the “Firing Residue Removal” test developed by the US Army. The Firing Residue Removal test quantifies the percentage of burned gunpowder that is removed from a surface by a weapons cleaning fluid. The standard operating procedure for Firing Residue Removal is described in the US Army specifications for MIL-PRF-372rifle bore cleaners (RBC), and MIL-PRF-63460 cleaner, preservative and lubricant fluids (CLP).

For this study, a 10% by volume XCELTHERM® CLX mixture in XCELTHERM® HFF was measured. The mixture removed 79% firing residue. In comparison, new XCELTHERM® HFF has a typical residue removal of 30%.

Firing residue removal efficiency is measured by the removal of burned WC 844 rifle propellant in a porcelain evaporating dish (Figure 1). The burned propellant forms a hard carbon layer (“scale”) that adheres to the porcelain dish (Figure 2). The sample is poured into the burned dish, and it is baked in a convection oven at 54°C (129°F) for 45 minutes. When the dish is removed from the oven it is swabbed with a surgical cotton gauze. No downward pressure is applied during the swabbing (Figure 3). Residue removal value is the percent difference determined by the mass of the burned rifle propellant before and after cleaning the dish.

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