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    Our Story


We Started

Radco Industries is a company based in engineering established in 1971 by Robert Damiani. Radco Industries, INC. originally started out reprocessing and reclaiming degraded high boiling thermal flluids suchs as Dowtherm and Therminol. After observing the environmental issues associated with most Heat Transfer Fluids, Radco Industries began to develop its own brand of Thermal Oil. Now, Radco Industries has chemically developed fluids that are specific to each industry.

We Are

Radco Industries specializes in the manufacture of high quality specialty fluids and lubricants that encompass a broad spectrum of applications and temperature ranges. An engineering-based company, we also offer expert techincal support and an array of valuable services based on iundustry knowledge spanning more than 40 years. We apply this approach to create a customer experience that is friendly, efficient and seamless. We design and manufacture each product to deliver superior performance for it's intended application. All Radco products are supported by Radcos  ISO 9001 Quality System and are certified in our state-of-the-art testing and R&D laboratories.

We are Going

From designing and manufacturing products for long life to selecting environmentally responsible raw materials and providing reprocessing services for every fluid we produce, our team constantly looks for ways to reduce environmental impact. Every product across our entire product line can be returned to Radco for reprocessing, saving clients money while also benefiting the environment.

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