Solar Heat Transfer Fluids

The Radco XCELTHERM® line of solar heat transfer fluids is ready today for a greener tomorrow.

We focus on developing products for solar energy systems that are consistent with environmental leadership by being sustainable, more efficient and higher performing. All aspects of XCELTHERM® manufacturing and packaging processes are controlled by a stringent ISO 9001 quality program. Backed by a high degree of technical support and service, our heat transfer fluids are at the forefront of the rapidly emerging solar energy industry.

Solar HTF Products

Concentrating Solar Power Projects Supplied by Radco

(With project details from the research list by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Map of Solar Power Projects Supplied by Radco

Helios II

Ciudad Real, Puerto Lápice, Spain

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Solana Generating Station

Gila Bend, Arizona, USA

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Holaniku at Keahole Point

Keahole Point, Hawaii, USA

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ISCC Project

City of Medicine Hat, Canada

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Saguaro Power Plant

Red Rock, Arizona, USA

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Megha Solar Plant

Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur, India

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