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A fluid’s performance impacts productivity and efficiency in so many ways, from maintenance downtime to equipment longevity. Using laboratory testing, we benchmark the degradation rates of specialty fluids and lubricants used in your system. We strive to use the degradation rates of the longest lasting products as our minimum standard. A high degree of technical support and service is our guarantee. That’s why you’ll find our heat transfer fluids in a wide range of industrial/energy environments, including petroleum refineries, synthetic fiber plants, steel mills and many other manufacturing facilities. Our customers trust our top-of-the-line products to maintain a high heat transfer with low degradation under any application. Synthetic thermal fluids. Hot oil transfer fluids. Flushing fluids. Whatever your specific manufacturing requirements, we have the right product solution.

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Is your fluid performing at full efficiency? Worn-out fluid becomes ineffective and could be hurting your efficiency! Our Fluid and Lubricant Optimization program utilizes our World Class on-site laboratory run by industry experts with more than 50+ years of experience to test your fluid. Fill out the form below to request your complimentary Fluid Analysis Kit(s) today!

How to Sample Your Heat Transfer Fluid

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