Industrial / Energy Fluids

Diphenyl Oxide (DPO)

Chemical Intermediate, Heat Transfer Fluids, and/or process fluids

Typical Properties

Physical Properties Test Method
Appearance, liquid Colorless to straw yellow liquid VISUAL
Appearance, solid Colorless crystalline solid VISUAL
Auto-ignition temperature 618°C1144°F --
Average Molecular Mass 170 g/mol --
Boiling Point 258°C to 260°C496.4°F to 500°F ASTM D86
Critical Pressure 32.5 atm478 psia --
Critical Temperature 494°C921.2°F --
Density at 25°C (77°F) 1,071 kg/m38.937 pounds/gallon ASTM D1298
Diphenyl Oxide, % purity min 99.5% ASTM D2887
Flamable limits in air 0.8% to 1.5 --
Flash Point Cleveland Open Cup 65.6°F150°F ASTM D92
Flash Point Pensky-Martens Closed Cup 115°C239°F ASTM D93
Heat of Combustion -8,620 cal/g-15,520 Btu/lb --
Heat of vaporization at 25°C 72 cal/g130 Btu/lb --
Melting Point / Freezing Point 25°C to 27°C77°F to 78.8°F --
Moisture, ppm maximum 300 ASTM D6304
Odor threshold 0.01 --
Specific gravity at 25°C/25°C (77°F/77°F) 1.071 ASTM D1298
Total acid number, mgKOH/g, maximum 0.01 ASTM D664
Total chlorides, ppm maximum 10 ASTM D5194


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