Industrial / Energy Fluids


High flash point of greater than 410°F (210°C) as measured by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup method (ASTM D93), petroleum based, non-toxic for use up to 600°F (315°C). Recommended for use in wood kilns, paper and packaging, wood panel production, marine transportation or any application where a higher than usual flashpoint is required.

Typical Properties

Key Operating Temperatures
Maximum Bulk Fluid Operating Temperature 600°F 315°C
Maximum Film Temperature 650°F 345°C
Flash Point (PMCC)(ASTM D93)(min) 440°F 227°C
Flash Point (COC)(ASTM D92)(min) 460°F 238°C
Fire Point (ASTM D92)(min) 505°F 263°C
Autoignition Temperature (min) 660°F 349°C
Pumpability, at 300 cSt 32°F 0°C
Normal Boiling Point, 10% Fraction 635°F 353°C
Physical Properties
Appearance Straw yellow to amber liquid
Odor Faint petroleum
Composition Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic
Average Molecular Weight 550 g/mol
Density at 77°F/25°C 7.29 lbs/gal 874 kg/m3 7.29 lbs/gal 874 kg/m3
Specific Gravity, at 60°F/15.6°C 0.847
Moisture Content (maximum) 300 ppm
Kinematic Viscosity at 104°F/40°C 37 cSt
Kinematic Viscosity at 212°F/100°C 5.5 cSt
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at 392°F/200°C 0.000517/°F  0.000931/°C
Heat of Vaporization at Maximum Use Temperature 77 BTU/lb
* Data represents typical laboratory samples and are not guaranteed for all samples

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