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XCELTHERM® 600 – Typical Properties

The most premium thermal oil available for use up to 600ºF (315ºC), has a longest life of any fluid of its type, is pure, non-toxic and odorless. Food contact rated, NSF (HT1 NSF No. 128011) FDA. Recommended for food processing, processing of natural gas, packaging, plastic extrusion, chemical processing, micro concentrated solar power and many other applications.

Typical Properties

Key Operating Temperatures
Maximum Bulk Fluid Operating Temperature 600°F 316°C
Maximum Film Temperature 650°F 343°C
Flash Point (PMCC)(ASTM D93)(min) 352°F 178°C
Flash Point (COC)(ASTM D92)(min) 380°F 193°C
Fire Point (ASTM D92)(min) 421°F 216°C
Autoignition Temperature (min) 660°F 349°C
Pour Point -20°F -29°C
Pumpability, at 300 cSt (mm2/s) 2.3°F -16.5°C
Normal Boiling Point, 10% Fraction 693°F 367°C
Physical Properties
Appearance Water-white, clear liquid
Odor Faint, oily
Composition Radco-engineered hydrogenated white oil
Kinematic Viscosity, at 104°F/40°C 15.5 cSt
Average Molecular Weight 350 g/mol
Critical Temperature 1007°F 542°C
Critical Pressure 220 psia 1.52 MPa
Critical Density 17.5 lb/ft3 280 kg/m
Moisture Content (maximum) 300 ppm
Density, at 25°C/77°F 7.1 lbs/gal 851 kg/m3
Specific Gravity @ 77°F/25°C 0.85
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, at 392°F/200°C 0.000495/°F 0.000892/°C
Heat of Vaporization at Maximum Use Temperature 91 BTU/lb 211.7 kJ/kg
Heat of Combustion 20,000 BTU/lb 46,520 kJ/kg
Moisture Content (maximum) 300 ppm
* Data represents typical laboratory samples and are not guaranteed for all samples