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Radco Solar Heat Transfer Fluids

The Radco XCELTHERM® line of solar heat transfer fluids is ready today for a greener tomorrow. We focus on developing products for solar energy systems that are consistent with environmental leadership by being sustainable, more efficient and higher performing. All aspects of XCELTHERM® manufacturing and packaging processes are controlled by a stringent ISO 9001 quality program. Backed by a high degree of technical support and service, our heat transfer fluids are at the forefront of the rapidly emerging solar energy industry.


  • XCELTHERM® MK1 Solar  The thermal fluid most recommended for Concentrated Solar Power Systems that require a high temperature heat transfer fluid; liquid or vapor phase to 750ºF (400ºC); chemically equivalent to DOWTHERM®A.*
  • XCELTHERM® 600 Solar  A thermal fluid specially formulated for MicroCSP systems and refined to be a nontoxic petroleum-based oil. It is ideal for solar applications demanding the optimum in purity and performance.
  • XCELTHERM® LV1 Solar  A biphenyl-free, non-hazardous alternative to DPO/BiP for solar applications that have a bulk operating temperature near 371°C (700°F). Xceltherm LV1’s superior heat transfer efficiency reduces a system’s total energy requirements and increases system longevity.

Concentrating Solar Power Projects Supplied by Radco

(With project details from the research list by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)




* DOWTHERM® is a trademark of Dow Chemical.