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XCELTHERM® XT – Typical Properties

High efficiency heating/cooling fluid with -70ºF to 650ºF range (-55ºC to 345ºC); liquid or vapor phase, 527ºF (275ºC) IPB. Recommended for natural gas processing, solvent recovery units, chemical processing and many other applications. Expecially useful when a high heat transfer coefficient is desired across a broad temperature range.

Typical Properties

Key Operating Temperatures
Maximum Bulk Fluid Operating Temperature 650ºF 343ºC
Maximum Film Temperature 700ºF 371ºC
Flash Point (PMCC)(ASTM D93)(min) 255°F 124°C
Flash Point (COC)(ASTM D92)(min) 275°F 135°C
Fire Point (ASTM D92)(min) 307°F 153°C
Autoignition Temperature (min) 803°F 428°C
Pumpability, at 300 cSt (mm2/s) -47°F -44°C
Normal Boiling Point, 10% Fraction 522°F 272°C
Physical Properties
Appearance Water white to straw yellow, clear liquid
Odor Mild
Composition Radco-engineered alkyl aromatic
Moisture Content (max) 300 ppm
Average Molecular Weight 182 g/mol
Density, at 77°F/25°C 8.35 lbs/gal 1,001 kg/m3
Specific Gravity, at 77°F/25°C 0.99
Critical Pressure 23.7 atm 2.5 MPa
* Data represents typical laboratory samples and are not guaranteed for all samples.