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We specialize in Heat Transfer Fluid

Radco Industries, Inc. manufactures long lasting heat transfer fluids at a significant cost savings over other heat transfer fluid products.

Economic and quality thermal fluid solutions are backed by a high degree of technical support and service. Our goal is to help you transfer BTUs efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. That’s why we focus our energy to bring you the best thermal fluids in the business – via our XCELTHERM® product line.

The XCELTHERM® family of liquid and vapor phase heat transfer fluids is composed of synthetic and thermal hot oil products with operating temperatures from -80ºF to 750ºF (-62ºC to 400ºC). Each product is engineered to offer superior fluid heat transfer efficiency and optimal thermal stability throughout its temperature range.

So that you can make the best fluid choice, Radco conservatively defines maximum bulk fluid operating temperatures. In a properly designed system, this means XCELTHERM® heat transfer fluids may be operated at their maximum use temperatures without excessive thermal degradation.

Determine which XCELTHERM® heat transfer fluids are suitable for your application by clicking on the selection links or call us directly for immediate product support.

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