Industrial & Energy Heat Transfer Fluids

The Radco XCELTHERM® product line consists of synthetic and hot oil heat transfer fluids designed and manufactured with the most current technology and highest quality raw materials available. All aspects of XCELTHERM® manufacturing and packaging processes are controlled by a stringent ISO 9001 quality program. Backed by a high degree of technical support and service, our heat transfer fluids fit a wide range of needs in petroleum refineries, synthetic fiber plants and other manufacturing environments.

Synthetic Thermal Fluids

  • XCELTHERM®MK1  Liquid or vapor phase to 750ºF (400ºC); chemical equivalent to DOWTHERM® A.*
  • XCELTHERM®LV1  Liquid or vapor phase to 700ºF (370ºC); biphenyl-free, non-hazardous alternative for high temp fluids with liquid or vapor phase to 700ºF (370ºC).
  • XCELTHERM® HT  Please contact Alison Davis, Sales and Application Engineering, +1 (630) 232-7966 Ext. 134, for information.
  • XCELTHERM® XT  High efficiency heating/cooling fluid with -70ºF to 650ºF range (-55ºC to 345ºC); liquid or vapor phase, 527ºF (275ºC) IPB.
  • XCELTHERM® HTR  Liquid phase to 630ºF (330ºC); odorless high temperature synthetic with an economical price for use over 600ºF; no vapor pressure at rated temperatures.
  • XCELTHERM® 500  Heat/cool from –80ºF to 500ºF (-60ºC to 260ºC); non-toxic, odorless and food contact rated; High heat transfer for increased output.
  • XCELTHERM® 315  Economical synthetic oil rated to 550ºF (288ºC) with very high resistance to oxidation as well as high resistance to sludge and fouling.
  • XCELTHERM® SST  High operating temperature of 700°F (370°C) at low pressure; liquid phase heat transfer fluid for demanding applications.

Hot Oil Heat Transfer Fluids

  • XCELTHERM® 600  Premium thermal oil for use up to 600ºF (315ºC) that has a long life, is non-toxic and odorless; food contact rated, NSF (HT1) FDA.
  • XCELTHERM® CA  Non-toxic, high purity, premium fluid that features superior economy.
  • XCELTHERM® 445FP  High flash point of 445ºF (229ºC) that meets Coast Guard Marine requirements.
  • XCELTHERM® HFF Made to meet NFPA code when required for Class 1, Group D applications with a Pensky Martens (ASTM D93) Closed Cup Flashpoint of 216°C (421°F).

Flushing Fluids

  • XCELTHERM® LT  Hot running flush fluid for thermal oil systems that allows system flushing while running production; compatible with most heat transfer fluids.
  • XCELTHERM® FF  Hot running solvent for synthetic oil high temp systems; compatible with Dowtherm® A and most other synthetic heat transfer fluids.

* DOWTHERM® is a trademark of Dow Chemical.